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Smart Farm Fertilizing

It saves you time, money and helps you focus your bottom dollar


SmartBox+™A SIMPAS® Technology

The SmartBox+™ application system allows you to own the furrow with precise application of granular inputs at-planting.

Farmers have more options and control with SmartBox+. Apply labeled rates of granular at-plant inputs precisely to every acre, or apply them prescriptively using SIMPAS technology to treat spatially distinct problem areas. Agronomists develop pressure-specific prescriptions using a variety of factors (e.g., soil sampling, historical yield data, elevation, etc.) that are easily uploaded into the ISO-based SmartBox+ control display. Once uploaded, the system takes care of the rest, automatically dispensing the prescribed rate at geo-specific locations in each field.

Learn more at SmartBox+ Equipment | SIMPAS


Agri Spray Drones

Agri Spray Drones is dedicated to providing end-to-end agricultural drone solutions. Our knowledge of drones coupled with our experience in agriculture allows us to create systems that support your operation and promote efficiency. By doing this, we provide you, our drone customer, with the best expertise to ensure you find success in the field. Visit

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