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Plunge into the Adventure of Urban Ag


The why...

Why Innovation? Why Urban? Why Agriculture?

The world as we know it is agriculture. Everything is Ag! From the medicine we take to the clothes we make, it all derives from agriculture. We know that the food we eat comes from the Ag industry, or do we? Society as a whole has disconnected from the production of food and agricultural resources that we consume. Urban Ag used to be the staple of food production and now it's time to return it to its rightful place - at home! With the boom of urban agriculture and the amendment of technology, we can face hunger, food insecurity and so many bio, socio and psycho economic issues that are compromising this planet. Its the only one we've got!

Immerse Into Innovative Urban Ag


What do equity, innovation and technology have in common?

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Meet the modern "rowbots" that are becoming the new hero's in Ag.

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How the marriage of agriculture and aquaculture could design the future of food

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