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Innovative Urban Ag is Inclusive

It's the trail blazers for me! Its the wonderous world of individuals that are literally creating paths of change and viable new trends that are delivering results. It's the ones that are knocking a dent in food insecurity and introducing agrinomics into low income communities. Its the ones that are producing food with a net zero affect on the environment. It's the future of agriculture that starts today, even if its hard. It's a system that works instead of one that we have to work with. It's the YOU for me! You are the brave and inventive people. The Ag Einstein's of today and I am excited to be experiencing this era with you.  We have to raise the next generation of agriculture together as a force just as we had a collective part in global warming and food insecurity. Get to know the innovators in agriculture below and make a conscious effort to be involved in supporting and promoting them and their causes. We are the change!

Kesha Cobb - lead coordinator, Innovative Ag America

Explore America's Ag Innovation
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